Sophisticated Operating System

FlexxCool’s Operating System can be operated using the installed Siemens controller with a full-color touch screen display or by the use of FlexxCool’s mobile application. The Operating System offers many benefits, including e-mail notifications to production manager/purchaser when coolant concentrate runs low; data collection on coolant usage; and, intuitive controls for easy setup and operation.


FlexxCool system has been performing with the following metalworking fluid – Blaser, Master Fluid Solutions, Fuchs, QuakerHoughton, Qualichem, Castrol, Hangstefers, Cimcool and many others

Mixing & Delivery

FlexxCool utilizes a precision mixing process to automatically mix coolant concentrate and water to the specific target concentration for each machine tool. Each individual machine tool can be set to have a unique concentration percentage of coolant (e.g., by material or machine tool type). The perfect amount of coolant is continuously delivered at machine specific top up percentages, maintaining the target concentration level to each machine. These key features completely eliminate manual mixing, monitoring, and bucket filling.

Machine Coolant & Concentrate Level Monitoring

FlexxCool incorporates sophisticated, industrial grade, non-contact, no maintenance level sensors for CNC machines and concentrate drums/totes. The system includes multiple fail-safe software and hardware components to keep coolant sumps at optimum levels.


FlexxCool eliminates the task of manual coolant mixing, filling and monitoring.

Performance & Process control

Maximizes coolant performance. Extends tool life. Achieves better surface finishes. Consistent concentration control.


Eliminates time and labor manually mixing, delivering & filling machine sumps. Reduces concentrate usage.


Eliminates coolant spills. Reduces disposal and recycling frequency.

Health & Safety

Reduces coolant odor. Prevents skin irritation and bacterial growth.


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