True Precision

Industry: Aerospace

Primary Material: Titanium Aluminum

Located: Buellton, California

Machines: 17


True Precision was looking for a better way to manage their coolant process. By manually filling their machines, they found that their sumps measured between 5% and 30% concentration. With many of their machines running rich, this led to overconsumption of concentrate.


By incorporating the FlexxCool system in their shop, True Precision replaced their manual and inconsistent process with a reliable automated top-up procedure. The system keeps their machines at the target concentration and fills from one central tote.

The Result:

Each machine sump at True Precision measures consistently within 1% from the target reading. By remaining within target, they have eliminated their overconsumption issues and the cost associated with running rich. By running from one central unit, they also realized operation cost savings by using large totes instead of drums and reducing the frequency of change-outs.


“Once you realize how much money and time you are spending on coolant, you’ll see how FlexxCool is an investment that pays for itself year after year.” – Marvin Rodriguez, VP of Operations, True Precision.