Should You Incorporate Recycled Coolant?


Coolant is an integral part of the manufacturing process, and just like tooling or inspecting, it all affects the bottom line.

Coolant is not inexpensive, incurring a hard cost of up to $50 a gallon. In addition, disposal costs can add up from 25 cents to $6 a gallon, and considering the high percentage of water that makes up, facilities are paying quite a bit to haul that away.

There’s also an inherent risk with disposal, even when a certified company is trusted to dispose of it properly. If they don’t, the facility that generated the coolant waste can be on the line for any environmental fines and costs associated with clean-up.

By introducing a recycling process, a facility can cut their disposal down to near nothing. In addition, incorporating this recycled coolant mixed with the new coolant back into machines sumps can reduce coolant consumption by up to 60%.

The FlexxCool system seamlessly incorporates recycled coolant within its automated coolant process. Our system mixes the recycled coolant with new concentrate and water to achieve the required top-up percentage for each machine. As a result, FlexxCool will not only ensure that recycled coolant isn’t just taking up valuable shop space, but that tool life and parts don’t suffer from its introduction.