Who We Serve


FlexxCool’s customers are as diverse as the problems we solve. Whether you want to reduce labor costs, improve process controls, run machines longer, or overcome any other issues, our CNC coolant automation system provides the solution you need.


Whatever material is being machined, FlexxCool’s CNC coolant automation system can be integrated. We support customers of all sizes in a range of industries, delivering the specific value that each customer needs.


A lot rides on having the right aircraft parts. From the smallest piece of metal to the largest, controlling processes is essential in aerospace manufacturing because every part must meet specifications. So manufacturers constantly strive to improve process control in pursuit of consistency. FlexxCool helps aerospace manufacturers consistently produce quality parts by maintaining proper concentration automatically.

Military & Defense

Manufacturers of military and defense supplies and equipment must produce quality parts on time. But stopping to fill coolant manually interrupts production, thereby wasting valuable labor hours. FlexxCool enables machines to run longer and recovers valuable machining time that can help increase production.


In the medical industry, precision and reliability are critical. To scale production with consistent quality, you need concentration control. FlexxCool ensures that coolant concentrations are maintained automatically, supporting high standards of quality and consistency in medical manufacturing processes.


In the technology sector, precision is paramount and optimizing labor hours is critical. Consistent coolant management ensures machines operate at peak performance, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. FlexxCool maintains precise coolant concentration, allowing for precise machining and optimized labor hours by automating the entire process.


Automation is already an important part of the manufacturing industry. Introducing robots to achieve lights-out machining is a game-changer until they run out of coolant in the middle of the night. FlexxCool keeps machine sumps full automatically, allowing uninterrupted machining up-time through CNC coolant automation.

Food & Beverage

Minimizing scrap rates and achieving acceptable tolerances affect profit margins within all manufacturing facilities. A more consistent coolant management process results in more consistent output. FlexxCool keeps machines at the right concentration, ensuring tolerances are in check.

Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas industry, operations are often remote and require reliable equipment to minimize maintenance visits. To ensure consistent performance in these challenging environments, you need precisely manufactured parts. FlexxCool automatically maintains coolant concentrations, supporting high standards of reliability and efficiency in CNC manufacturing for the oil and gas industry.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment demands robust and reliable components to withstand extreme conditions. FlexxCool supports the CNC machining of these parts by maintaining optimal coolant concentration automatically. This ensures that the machined parts are of high quality and durability, improving overall operational efficiency and reducing the frequency of equipment failures.


Machining of smaller components requires tight tolerances, making precision machining essential. Keeping the target concentration consistent at each machine allows precision machining to produce quality parts. FlexxCool takes the manual guesswork out of keeping your sumps at their target concentration… automatically.

Each industry focus is applicable to any and all manufacturing sectors.