Industry: Bearing Manufacturer, High Precision

Primary Material: Steel, Brass

Located: Edmonton, Alberta

Machines: 23


Tackpoint wanted to increase their machine uptime by reducing the time their operators were spending dealing with coolant. Depending on the size of their machine, each operator would need to fill between two and a dozen pails of coolant or worse… just water.  Each fill brought them away from their cell, and this time was adding up.


By introducing The FlexxCool system, their machine sumps are kept full automatically, allowing their operators to stay in their cell and focus on making parts. Furthermore, by removing the manual process of mixing and delivering, their machines also remain at the correct concentration.


Tackpoint regained valuable machine uptime, with an average of 20-30 minutes per machine per shift. They now have the opportunity to introduce automation without coolant issues. Their operators have also expressed an increase in job satisfaction from removing this tedious responsibility.


“The FlexxCool System takes care of itself; you literally forget about it.” – Dylan Schmidt, Maintenance Manager, Tackpoint.