The True Cost of a Coolant Spill


It’s a situation you never want to come upon; you come through the shop door or around a corner, and there’s liquid flooding the floor, pooling out of a nearby machine that just needed a top-up.


Spills are a messy (and expensive) reality of any manual coolant process. FlexxCool’s own, Rob Kociancic, points out that four factors that add up to the true cost of a coolant spill:

Wasted Labor hours spent cleaning the spill. Depending on the size and severity, facilities will spend valuable time and resources cleaning up the mess, taking up valuable machining and working hours.

Machine Downtime is a direct result of precious labor hours spent on other tasks. For example, while cleaning the spill, machines may not be running, which interferes with the production and output of your facility. 

There are many Health and Safety risks and precautions a shop needs to undertake while dealing with a coolant spill. This Canadian Metalworking article highlights the dangers of respiratory and skin irritation in handling CNC machining coolant. These exposures can have long-lasting adverse effects on your workforce and company morale. 

Finally, Replenishing Coolant that spilled is another additional cost with replacing the wasted coolant and taking the time to ensure concentration levels are re-established.

Implementing FlexxCool’s automated coolant system will eliminate the growing costs of a coolant spill with built-in safety features. The FlexxCool system monitors your machine’s specific needs and ensures proper and safe top-up levels with no intervention by shop staff. As a result, FlexxCool eliminates the costs associated with a spill and improves your shop’s overall productivity.