The Relationship Between Maintaining Target Concentration and Tool Life : Why Automation is Key


“Cutting tools account for 3-5% of total manufacturing cost” –PRAB 

Checking and maintaining the target concentration levels of your cutting fluid is a key practice in ensuring the longevity of your cutting tools and reducing one component of your overall costs. Recommended target levels differ according to your coolant manufacturer depending on the material being machined and/or the finish required. Maintaining your target concentration at your machines will extend the life of your cutting tools, coolant longevity and ultimately, your machining tools.  

The FlexxCool system automates the manual process of coolant management. Keeping your sumps always full and at the correct concentration will ensure that concentration levels are always on point resulting in extended tool life, performance and longevity of your coolant and, eliminating potential costs associated with repairing/replacing machining tools such as:

-Labor spent on maintenance 

-Production downtime

Not to mention lead times on the ordering and shipping of tools due to supply chain disruptions. 

By constantly maintaining target concentrations at each machine, 80% of coolant issues are resolved. Want to learn more? Contact us!