The Importance of a Clean Sump


Why is it important to keep the sump clean?

Cutting fluids provide the lubricity and removal of heat in the work zone needed to extend tool life and reduce machine wear and tear. Dirty cutting fluids are ineffective in ensuring the maintenance of parts and the quality of your product. Keeping your sump clean will alleviate these issues by making sure that the cutting fluid is always clean. 

In addition to tool life and machine maintenance, maintaining a clean sump is key in shop morale. Machining coolant can be harmful to shop staff if not maintained such as the increased risk of rashes and dermatitis. A strong odour can develop without the cleaning of the sump as well, making an employee’s work environment both unpleasant and damaging. 

An article from Fluid Solutions states that “A flushing procedure is best performed after removing the used coolant, and prior to a fresh charge. Flushing in the right manner kills all harmful biological organisms, and cleanses out all metal sludges, slimes, and oils trapped in machine sump, as well as its walls and pipings.”

A “flushing procedure” is a manual process that consists of draining your system entirely of fluids, flushing with freshwater, re-adding water and the recommended amounts of coolant for your machine and circulating the coolant throughout the system to ensure normal operating temperatures. 

The frequency of a sump clean can vary between six (6) to twelve (12) months. The clean is usually determined by odour, performance and shop protocol/scheduling. 

Overall, a clean sump ensures clean cutting fluid resulting in extended tool life, reduced wear and tear on your machines, boosted shop morale and a better product. The FlexxCool system with the parameters that are set up for each individual machine can re-fill the tank automatically at the correct target concentration.