The Best Coolant for CNC Machines?


Spoiler: Maintenance trumps brand. 

Many coolant manufacturers produce quality metalworking fluids that perform when used and stored correctly.

There are 4 main types of metalworking fluids:

1. Straight Oils

2. Soluble Oils (emulsifiable oils)

3. Semi-synthetic fluids

4. Synthetic fluids

But it’s important to note that all fluids require maintenance regardless of the coolant type, application, or brand. In the magazine, Production Machining, they explain that neat oils can be relatively maintenance-free fluids. In contrast, straight oils should be filtered regularly to remove metal fines, resulting in high-level surface finish and cutting performance.

Production Machining also points out that coolants require a higher degree of maintenance to provide high cutting performance as well as bio-stability and longevity. This is due to the involvement of water. 

Coolant sumps can become breeding grounds for bacteria, fungi, yeasts and molds. This outcome can be caused by poor shop practices, such as introducing foreign substances into the fluid. The magazine states that these foreign substances can promote the growth of bacteria and pathogenic germs. 

So, how do you maintain the quality of your preferred coolant? Concentration is key. 

FlexxCool’s automated system monitors your CNC machine’s concentration levels and keeps them consistent. Ensuring that you get the most out of your preferred coolant.