Teamwork – The FlexxCool System and Recycled Coolant


Coolant can be costly, disposing of used coolant is even more so. Metalworking shops have cradle-to-grave responsibility for coolant, government authorities can still hold the generator of the waste accountable even if your shop hires a company to handle coolant disposal. 

A coolant recycling system reduces up to 80-90% of coolant disposal costs and your need to buy new coolant by up to 70%. 

The economic benefits of recycling metalworking fluids are many. The larger the shop, the larger the potential savings; the majority of coolants on the market are able to be used over and over before they must be replaced. 

The FlexxCool system has the unique ability to work alongside coolant recycling systems by introducing the clean recycled coolant, incorporating it into the FlexxCool system and, mixing it with raw concentrate and water to deliver the proper top-up percentage at each machine. 

If you do have a recycling system or you are thinking of one the FlexxCool system would be the perfect addition to completely manage your coolant process. 

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