Target Concentrations. They’re not all the same?


CNC machines consume coolant in varying amounts due to differences in the cutting processes they execute. 

For instance, a machine that operates at high speed, such as a milling machine, will utilize more coolant than a machine that runs at a lower speed, like a lathe; this is because the high speed creates more heat. Similarly, a CNC machine that carries out dry cutting, like a wire EDM, will use less coolant than a CNC machine that performs wet cutting, like a flood coolant machining center.

Different CNC machines require varying concentrations of coolant depending on the materials being machined, etc. These varying factors do affect the performance of coolant. 

Generally, high-speed machines require a higher concentration of coolant to dissipate heat efficiently. Conversely, low-speed machines benefit from a lower coolant concentration, which helps to prolong the life of cutting tools. 

It is important to frequently check and adjust the top up percentage of coolant to maintain targets where they need to be, as well as the volume in the tank, to optimize coolant and machine operations.

FlexxCool’s automated coolant delivery system can individualize target concentrations for every one of your machines. Therefore, each machine will have its own unique top up percentage to maintain these targets. 

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