Health and Safety – What are the risks of manually handling coolant?


Unmaintained metalworking fluid can result in a host of problems for your shop and, more importantly, can be harmful to the machinist’s health.

An MSC article highlights that metalworking fluids, even when freshly mixed, contain many chemical additives such as biocides, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, and anti-foaming agents, to name a few.

They continue that when neglected, the concentration of these chemicals can reach unsafe levels, and not meeting the target concentration for your coolant can also harbour health concerns for machinists.

“Low concentration [of fluid] can grow bacteria that can aggravate skin issues including simple cuts and scratches. High concentration adds too much chemical that can do the same.”  – John Treese, Director of Global Training at Master Fluid

Skin and eye irritation, rashes and dermatitis are just a few side effects of neglected metal working fluid.

No matter the type or brand of your preferred coolant FlexxCool automates your coolant delivery process. We ensure target concentration levels are met and eliminate the manual process that would expose machinists to the harmful elements of metalworking fluid.

Implementing FlexxCool’s automated coolant delivery system ensures the safety of your shop staff and by recovering hours spent manually handling coolant will allow your facility to repurpose those hours into more value-added tasks.

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