Is All Water Equal?


Not necessarily.

Chris Fisk from Acculube states, “Water-mixable products such as coolants and cleaners are 90 percent water and 10 percent active ingredients. Bad water will turn even the best coolant or cleaner into a rust-inducing liquid.”

The most economical solution to staying on top of your water quality is finding a product for your water type. Cleaners exist that are specially formulated for both soft and hard water. However, in certain situations, the water itself must be treated, and the best way to do so is with reverse osmosis and/or deionized water.

According to Acculube, reverse osmosis “uses a membrane with microscopic holes that acts as a filter. Forcing the water through the filter removes minerals and dissolved gases and produces 90% pure water.”
And deionized water “adds a chemical charge to the water to drop out the hardness. This is the process used to make bottled water; it produces water that is 100% pure.”

What method is best for your shop depends on what you are manufacturing. Reverse osmosis is 90% pure and would be sufficient for most. However, some shops need closer to 100% pure; then deionized water is the way to go.

Overall, maintaining clean water and deciding on potential water processes can take time, effort and skill.

The FlexxCool system is compatible with any water type and features a water quality sensor option that monitors your water quality for you. In addition, our system automates the time-consuming task of manually mixing and delivering coolant to your machines.

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