Inline Refractometer? Should you or Shouldn’t you?


An inline refractometer is designed to continuously measure a fluid flowing through a pipe or inside a tank. It is used to measure and determine the concentration of machine tool coolant (amongst other water soluble fluids).

There are certain reasons why we do not use an inline refractometer in our facility:

1. They are expensive to be installed in each machine sump.

2. Potential to give inaccurate results – they require regular maintenance to maintain clean sensors in order to provide accurate readings. The FlexxCool system requires those correct readings in order to provide the proper top-up percentages delivered to each machine sump.

3. You do not need an inline refractometer with a FlexxCool system – the FlexxCool systems top-up procedure maintains target concentrations at each machine consistently over an extended period of time.

Ultimately, FlexxCool automates the coolant top-up process, alleviating the traditional manual task of handling coolant.

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