Automated Coolant Systems and ROI



FlexxCool’s coolant management systems can help you achieve ROI in your CNC shop by eliminating your hidden costs. 

The idea that total coolant cost is just the coolant cost x the number of uses would leave you short on your calculation.

Every time someone has to manually control, mix, fill and report on a CNC machine, it costs you money: 


  • Machines with the correct coolant concentration are more likely to run at full speed for more hours per day. And every extra minute of a machine making parts increases your bottom line. Downtime due to low coolant levels is costly. Automating the coolant management process reduces the number of stops per machine, ensuring high uptime.


  • Another benefit of automatically managing the correct concentration of coolant is that tools don’t wear out as quickly. Therefore, tools run longer, reducing tooling costs throughout the year. 


  • Machinists can make the mistake of using higher than necessary concentrations of coolant in their machines. Using an automated system to keep these concentrations within the correct range means lower coolant costs and money savings.


  • Manually handling coolant takes operators or maintenance staff away from more productive tasks.


Automating coolant management with FlexxCool supplies coolant to CNC machines and ensures a controlled concentration in the sump. It then determines the top-up percentage of each CNC machine based on the target setting. With this predictability, your favorite brand of coolant performs optimally over the long term, ensuring better quality parts, concentrate savings, longer tool life and allowing your staff to get back to the more important things.