Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why is it hard to maintain sump concentrate %?

    Due to the complexity of concentrate %, a manual machine sump top-up is very time-consuming. A proper top-up or fill requires measuring the current sump concentrate % and volume of mixture needed. These variables are then calculated to discover the necessary water and concentrate mix to be added to the sump. Because this is required per machine, manually doing this at every fill or top-up would be a full-time job.

  • How many different concentrate % can FlexxCool mix on demand?

    Because each machine consumes coolant differently, The FlexxCool system's UTC process defines a unique and specific top-up % required to maintain a target concentrate %. This means each machine can have a different top-up%.

  • How does FlexxCool prevent spills and overflows?

    By removing the manual process, spills are prevented because there is no human interaction with coolant. Our two fail-safe features prevent overflows at the sump before they happen. No more alerts after the fact, walking into a flood.

  • Will the FlexxCool system work with lights-out machining (24-hours)?

    Our system was designed with lights out machining in mind. 24-hour machining is only truly possible with an automated coolant delivery system like FlexxCool. With FlexxCool, there is no risk of a sump running dry and turning off the machine midway through the overnight shift.

  • How much time does FlexxCool recover for a shop on average?

    Although each shop is different (size, shifts, machines), every FlexxCool customer recovers valuable machining-hours by automating a manual process like coolant management. One FlexxCool customer recovered 30-hours per week previously wasted on their coolant process. This time was refocused on machining parts and increasing machine uptime.

  • What data does FlexxCool collect?

    The system can provide raw data on all coolant functions—for example, Overall Concentrate, Water and Coolant Consumption for the shop and per machine. If there is a specific element you would like data on, The FlexxCool system can recover data on any metric needed.

  • Is it easy to switch out coolant drum or tote?

    The FlexxCool centralized system was designed to easily fit a drum or tote (or combination) under the system. Concentrate change out requires no special lifts or effort.